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Our story

The story begins at an early age. Ever since I can remember I have always loved tinkering with hair and it is an integral part of my childhood memories. I took the first step already at the age of 12, when I decided to leave school and started to make my way in the field of hair styling.

The beginning was difficult and I took my first steps in marginal positions in the field. While waiting for an opportunity to let me do what I really love, I watched the work of the hair stylists and learned every movement and every method.

For 8 years I worked with the best hairdressers in the area, studied and specialized in the field of hair and became a popular hair stylist because of my experience and the special relationship I created with my clients. After 10 years I got the opportunity.

In 2019 I decided it was time to spread my wings and embark on an independent journey. I opened my own hairdresser, striving to fulfill the dream and raise the standards in the field of male grooming. I did not want to be just another hairdresser, but a place that re-dictates reality and gives the respect that comes to the world of male cultivation.

Together with a carefully selected team, we brought something new - a hairdresser with a European style, a pampering service experience and an awareness of the world of grooming. The excellence and new standards were reflected in the digital accessibility, such as a unique online appointment system, which was innovative in the field of hairdressing in those days.


In order to meet the design needs and the look we wanted to achieve, we could not rely on existing products, and so we developed our first product - Stone Clay , a unique clay based on Mediterranean stones for men. The product was a great success among our customers and garnered achievement scores and we continue to develop more products.



Then came the corona…


Less than a year after I fulfilled the dream, just when it seemed that the corona plague had hit us on the wave. Like everyone else we had to close the barbershop and be alone in the houses. During the closure we were looking for how to give expression to our energy and creativity, and so we built the brand - SKRILOV .


Our online store is not just another site for mediocre hair care products, but a knowledge center that offers you the same tools that we also use in our salon. Each product met our design standard and was found suitable for our current use. In the store you will find our line of home products, along with the best brands for male grooming and design.

With us you will find everything a man needs to look good!

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